Digital signage, key in transforming your retail business

  • January 19, 2021

If you give a mundane pamphlet to a digital-native, he may not look into it for even a few seconds. Throw a large interactive screen in front of him, presenting the same information from the pamphlet and he would be engaging with it in great interest. That’s what digital signages do, provides engagement to customers, and adds value to your business.

Digital signage is being embraced by a wide variety of sectors and it is vital for the traditional brick-and-mortar stores to embrace the same, to attract the tech-first digital-native customers. 

In-store digital signages are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to give an engaging and unified experience combining the physical and online aspects of shopping. 

Digital signages in retail – Engaging customers

In retail, the most important aspect is customer engagement. Rightly so, today’s digital signages offer more than just a simple viewing for customers by also providing them a fully interactive experience.

They can touch, swipe, and pinch the signage boards to explore a variety of options in clothing and fashion. 

The signages placed right at the entrance of a store further boosts the chances of more customers using it, in return encouraging them to enter the store.

E-commerce experience but in brick-and-mortar world

The key aspect of e-commerce is the ability to browse through a plethora of options in fashion, before deciding to buy one. The approaches can be incorporated into the signages which would enable customers to browse products based on current trends, and in addition to digital images and video samples, the signages will give customers a more truly engaging shopping experience. 

The signages also would display the specific product pricing and discounts making it easy for customers to choose.

Unifying tech and traditional approaches add fun to shopping 

If customers want easy and simple shopping, they would be happy with e-commerce. Customers come to brick-and-mortar stores for a memorable and fun-filled experience. 

Along with AI approaches such as virtually wearing apparel to choose the favorite one, digital-signages can create a fun-filled experience for customers through selfie-mirror and photo-booths. 

Customers could be allowed to take pictures with your company’s branding with the virtual clothing that they wear.

A selfie mirror could be placed for them to take pictures of their clothes along with their friends and families, because who does not want to flaunt their pictures taken at an amazing store, on Instagram?

This also adds to your advertisement on social media bringing you more customers. 

B2B2C’s digital signage approaches 

As a company that strives to make your retail sales go up,  B2B2C provides you with attractive digital signages to engage the shoppers in many ways mentioned above. 

Armed with creative ideas, B2B2C would not just boost your sales but will also provide customers a satisfying and fulfilling shopping experience in the brick-and-mortar world. 

Contact us at info@b2bcsolutions.com or call us at +1 917 445 5019 for more queries. 

More on digital signage 

In the next blog, we will write more on the benefits of digital signages in cost-cutting, enhancing online payment, and easy maintenance of stores among other features. Watch the space.