How Augmented Reality can help you in advertising

  • February 22, 2021

Advertisements are part of a netizen’s daily life while surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling on social media. However, ads that click are only those which instantly generate a personal and emotional connection with the people.

While there is a digital advertisement clutter, this has also pushed the business to adopt lucrative measures such as the Augmented Reality (AR) to stand out among other rest.

A study published in Deloitte shows that 88 percent of companies in the mid-market are using AR as part of their advertising strategies. 

With more people now consuming information through digital platforms, AR has opened avenues for the business for telling their stories in a fun and engaging way. 

 1. Product visualisation 

“Try before you buy” is the Mantra. Visualization is a key factor in decision-making during shopping and AR rightly allows retailers to allow buyers to visualize a product through the ads.

Despite the different shapes and colors of the products, with a realistic view of how a product may look, the chances of a person choosing the product are higher. 

2.    Developing emotional connections 

The AR ads are engaging and immersive – which means it connects with the minds of the customers unlike a bland image or a banner. 

Imagine a traditional public space advertisement on a bill-board and now think of you scanning the billboard from a distance, and you get a trailer about the store on your smartphone. It engages you, as well as, provides you more information than that’s there on a billboard. 

Interacting will make customers remember your brand more and encourage them to make purchases. 

3.    Affordable advertising, better results 

 Gone are the days when you spent thousands of dollars giving an advertisement in a newspaper or television channel which dies after 24 hours. The chances of people remember it in the long-run too are lesser. 

Now compare that with tech-savvy AR ads that are more vivid and likely to grab the attention of the customer. 

Reports highlight that AR advertisements can be at least 50 percent cheaper than advertisements in popular newspapers.

4.    Boosting sales

 The only goal of an advertisement is to promote your brand and boost sales, which is what AR does. 

A business can easily thrive in the digital avenues by representing their physical goods as virtual products. Allowing customers to try out thousands of products in less time-consuming means would be a boon for the retailers. 

With seasonal discounts and offers presented along with the products, AR advertisements put companies on the right track.

 What B2B2C offers

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