How cost-effective Bluetooth beacons can help retail

  • February 17, 2021

To share media and connect to wireless devices, Bluetooth has been part of our lives even before smartphones arrived. Since then, technology has evolved. 

Taking it a step ahead, Beacons, powered by Bluetooth, helps the retailers to communicate a message through a one-way signal to smartphone users in a certain location. 

The beacons turned to become popular and have been a go-to technology for the brick-and-mortar stores as it works helps integrate offline and online coverage. 

How do beacons work?

The beacons are small wireless battery-run sensors sending Bluetooth low energy signals to mobile phones with pre-installed apps, in the nearby localities.  

The signals help the stores communicate essential data such as promotions, offers, and personalized content based on analytics – which in return would trigger customer actions in purchasing at your store. 

Requires low energy to function 

First introduced by Apple in 2013, the Beacon has been introduced in many industries and has only been increasing since then. It plays a major role in airports, hotels, malls, hospitals as well as retail stores. 

The beacons work under the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and transmit data only at a regular interval, resulting in lesser consumption of power. 

Whereas, the Bluetooth classic protocol, normally used for streaming media and connecting devices, sends data on faster frequencies hence resulting in more power consumption. 

As a result, the beacons can last for several months in a single charge and sometimes even a year. 

How retailers can benefit from Beacons 

In a mobile-first world, the beacons enjoy huge popularity and importance. As people rely on their daily notifications and push messages, the retailers can use this opportunity to connect the offline and online shopping worlds. 

The beacons help the businesses gather data of most and least customer traffic in areas of the store. It helps the business profile the customers by providing insights about shopper engagement, categories and merchandise preferred details about the first time and frequent customers among other things. 

With people tending to become clueless in huge stores on what they want, the beacons can benefit them by being the light, guiding customers around the store to select things they want. 

The beacons also help in sending promotional messages to prompt the customers to visit the store again and make a purchase. With creative measures such as loyalty points, the retailers could make a hundred percent use of the beacons for a better profit in sales. 

What we offer

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