How IOT can create a smart warehouse

  • April 21, 2021

For any retail business, a warehouse plays a key role in storing goods as the demands and sales grow. Thus, keeping track of the goods becomes a cumbersome task for retailers. 

To meet the needs of this, the warehouse is the right place to laugh the Internet of Things applications, which come up with a wide range of benefits. 

Automated and autonomous technologies powered by IoT increase warhorse productivity. Automated guided vehicles help to calculate shorter and quicker routes to transport products for re-stocking with no human supervision. 

The IoT also comes out with the Smart Warehouse Management System (WMS) which helps the stores to keep track of all the inventory-related activities, all from one place. 

Over the next few years, shoppers would experience faster deliveries, smoother customer support, and wider product selections, thanks to the applications of IoT in warehouse management. 

Machine-to-machine communication powered by IoT will improve the accuracy of supply chain planning and management.

The technology also helps managers to fight the talent shortage by automating tasks. With smart technologies like voice-driver guidance and round-the-clock stock surveillance, businesses need not look for manpower for works that can be done by automation. 

Apart from automation, the true value of IoT in warehouse management comes in data and retail analytics. The IoT-enabled smart sensors can monitor the warehouse floor by gathering the information provided by sensors and alert a store manager in case of discrepancies and anomalies. 

These IoT applications in warehouses can be achieved through RFID, wearable’s, beacons, sensors, and IoT-integrated managing systems. 

This technology plays various roles in improved transparency by providing 24/7 supply chain data, improved last-mile delivery by acquiring smart routes, predictive maintenance which allows store managers to detect early signs of equipment malfunctions, and avoiding downtime. 

Real-time product tracking additionally provides data on product locations, quality of packaging, and transportation conditions. 

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