How our RFID may drive the future of retail

  • April 27, 2021

Are you a person who is tired of big queues for checking out or trying in your clothes at retail stores? Waiting in crowds could be daunting, more so, during the Covid-19 pandemic world, where social distancing is the norm globally. 

Our RFID-enabled smart stores would just reshape your strenuous shopping experience, meeting the modern age demands. 

We turn it into a joyful and interactive experience, with lesser time consumption and more fun at the store, with the least possible human contact. 

The engineers at B2B2C solutions have come up with smart shelves fitted with RFID tags for merchandise products and racks. 

You simply walk into a store full of clothes and lift a product, like a blue suit and a white tee-shirt. 

The RFID tags attached to the product immediately send information through signals to our digital display tower, which pops up the chosen product information.

As you move through more merchandise, you just need to lift the products fitted with RFID tags to learn about them. You instantly will get product information and offers about the merchandise on the display, which you might be interested in.

A customer can instantly read the product price, branding, promotions, discounts, and even other designs available through the display. 

Taking you a step ahead, through our AI cameras fitted on our virtual try-out rooms, you can instantly try out the product, either on yourself or an avatar. 

It instantly places the merchants on you and you can take a call whether you want to purchase it or choose something else.

Once you’re done, the merchandise you chose has already been sent to the virtual cart on the display present and is awaiting your checkout. Your billing is instantly finished with the NFC-enabled payment method.

You walk away from the store without any hassle as a happy customer, with no time wasted on queues and try-outs. 

From shoes to merchandise of all sorts, our modernized RFID solutions will make a customer enjoy shopping their shopping experience like never before. 

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