Integrating digital signages and social media

  • January 28, 2021

Integrating digital signage’s key in maximizing customer interaction 

While digital signage’s have become a part of the retail landscape, social media too has become an inevitable part of people’s lives. Social media is an important tool to maximize reach of a retail store and maintain relationships with customers. 

Thus, the integration of the two technologies – digital signage’s and social media – can provide valuable benefits for the retailers to maximize their profits and improve their store’s effectiveness. 

Why the integration is important 

  • Face book had 1 million users in 2004 and today, it has 845 million users, according to data provided by the company. 
  • In April 2011, Twitter had announced that it had 200 million registered accounts, which only is expected to have grown by miles, in 2021.    
  • Youtube too has 500 million visitors on an average daily. 

All this stats put together speaks for itself on why digital signages must integrate with the online mediums for a better reach and customer attraction. 

The digital signage, with its ability to integrate with social media, would give the users a memorable experience, while also delivering content for shopping quickly. 

It would help the retailer to develop a personal relationship with the customer, as every time the person also shares a picture or apparel in their social media account, it boosts the company’s credibility and trust among users, while also conveying what the store is offering. 

Combining digital signage and social media provides a real-time interactive experience that encourages the viewer to engage with the signage. – Vern Freed- lander, vice president of production at X2O Media.

Benefits of digital signages integrating with social media 

The integration allows viewers to easily engage with the signage by giving them a personalised experience. It facilitates advertising in the social media platforms as well as provides promotional opportunities. 

Apart from this, social media plays a key role in instantaneously sharing information. Through the digital signage, the retailer can allow the customer to perhaps use a hashtag on Twitter or a check-in option on Facebook, to let them know they are at the store or have just purchased a product there. 

Digital signages, analytics and social media 

Data analytics is crucial for a retailer to gauge the customer traffic and preferences. Once integrated properly with social media platforms and analytics, the digital signages can be used as a powerful tool to gather business intelligence. 

This would help the retailer to follow trends and preferences, which would in return help them to make business decisions, content choices, as well as find out how to improvise in the future. 

Integration with social media offers the retailers an opportunity to understand who is viewing the signage and what they want. 

How integration may boost communication 

Through the digital signages, the retailers can convey messages such as offers, discounts, best products, trending ones and most viewed to the customers. With a QR Code or a link, the customers can take the message to their social media and share it with others. This promotes engagement across platforms and diverse locations across the globe.

“Social media offers an opportunity for conversation,” – Steve Decker, marketing manager for Sweet Tooth, a Toronto- based provider of loyalty programs to retailers. 

The integration can present an opportunity for the retailers to try something extraordinary as the social media platforms gives them a large platform to communicate.

B2B2C’s digital signage approaches 

As a company which strives to make your retail sales go up,  B2B2C provides you with attractive digital signages to engage the shoppers in many ways mentioned above. 

Armed with creative ideas, B2B2C would not just boost your sales but will also provide  customers a satisfying and fulfilling shopping experience in the brick-and-mortar world. 

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