Pop Your Store Reimagining ‘Brick and Mortar’ experience

  • December 24, 2020

With many merchandise outlets globally starting afresh after a rough year in 2020, Pop Your Store provides state-of-the-art  services that reimagine the way the outlets function in the post Covid world. 

Armed with cutting edge augmented intelligence and analytic products, services provided by Pop Your Store saves you from the burden of setting up your store afresh by collecting real time data of your customers.

From providing accurate analytics such as the age, gender, customer traffic and their product preferences, the retail analytic solutions provided by Pop Your Store would enhance the way your business functions, resulting in better sales. 

With customer’s behavioral data based on previous visits, we help you design your store as per their preference and accessibility, giving customers a time-saving and wholesome experience in shopping in brick-and-mortar stores.

By also tracking the time period a customer visits your store regularly and putting together their preferences, we help you in cost-cutting by reducing the usage of electricity in certain merchandise sections, which customers may not visit. 

Stores which runs seasonally need not worry about the taxing setting up process, as we got you covered with our services by helping you in arranging your store with our cutting-edge augmented reality services.

Pop Your Store aims to help the small, medium and large scale merchandise outlets to reimagine the ‘brick and mortar’ experience, in a world where clothes shopping are at arm’s reach.