Role of AR apps in fashion and merchandise

  • February 9, 2021

With the line between online and offline blurring day by day, brick-and-mortar retailers are eyeing newer digitization methods like the Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

AR involves blending the users’ real-time video with a digital overlay of clothes and make-up, that fits perfectly on them, as well as giving them a wide variety of options to choose from, all at once place. 

Virtual makeup apps 

The AR-powered virtual makeup apps allow the buyers to experience how the product shown on display looks on them.  From eyeglasses, spectacles, jewelry, eye-shadow, and clothes, the customers can try out a plethora of options before choosing one. 

Forget spending hours choosing various products as these apps make color testing easier by simulating the makeup products on a user’s face to show how it would look in real-time. 

This technology can just be placed in a retail kiosk and it wouldn’t occupy more space than an average desktop PC monitor. 

With touch-screen enabled, it also improvises the interaction with a customer, thereby giving them a wholesome shopping experience. 

Tracking your face

By a unique precision technology with 3D technology, the apps track the facial features directly from its camera and allow the beauty products to accurately fit on the face. 

Apart from this, the 3D augmented reality also enables businesses to track the customer insights and their preference, and if the same customer visits your shop again, the 3D and AR mirror can simply show them products according to preference. 

AR and AI in other segments of fashion 

Using its pixel-based algorithms, the AR and AI apps also allow customers to try on clothes virtually, just like makeup products. 

AI can technology can precisely map your cloth size and lets you have the feeling of wearing them in real time but virtually. 

With thousands of recommendations based on your preferences, you can try clothes on, without taking off your existing ones, thereby saving time and energy.