The different digital signage’s available for retail

  • February 9, 2021

Today’s customers rely on technology more than ever before, resulting in many retailers introducing tech-based tools such as digital signage’s as part of their core business practices. These also improve profit and enhance connection with customers. 

The digital signages come in various shapes and sizes, such as digital kiosks, video walls, transparent display windows, curved LED screens among other technology, each having its use. 

Interactive digital signage kiosks 

Digital signage kiosks are common, found mostly in malls and other public places globally.

Providing an overall comprehensive solution for retail, the digital kiosk is a self-service solution, which allows customers to interact with it, giving them the information in retail that they are looking for. 

Regardless of what information you may want to convey, such as the trending products currently on sale, the kiosks assure the business of grabbing the customer’s undivided attention. 

 Further, these kiosks also cut down on manpower reducing the staff required in the store while it may also provide shoppers to choose, buy, and even check-out on the clothing they prefer – all at once place.

Video walls

The video walls aim at immersing a shopper in your brand and advertising your store to a largescale group of customers. 

Configurable in any shape-and-size, the video wall helps a retail store in displaying their messages digitally – such as available products, seasonal sales, discounted products – among others.

Splashing the message on a huge digital wall may bring a customer, standing far away from your store, onboard as well. This would increase the customer traffic in malls and with the help of retail analytics, the technology will make an impact round-the-clock. 

Transparent display windows 

Meet the digital windows, made of next-generation LED technology, which allows stores to place a display on a window, without obstructing the interior views. 

The digital window can maximize the impact of advertisement without losing out much space from the store. The windows would display content in rich and vibrant colors, tailored specifically for the presence of the store and the customer. 

Providing unparalleled transparency, the benefits are plenty for the transparent display windows. It just has an easy plug-and-play set up and has a brightness capacity of uptown 6000 nits, making the display visible even under sunlight.

The lights too can be replaced by changing just the LED strips, without replacing the panel. 

Curved LED screens

Display technology has surely evolved a long way from CRT monitors to high dynamic range displays.

Curved LED displays are among the cutting-edge technologies used in retail presently which would help in setting up a seamless experience for customers by providing a sense of depth and the capacity to adapt to various environments. 

Once the customer steps near the display, the video wall surrounds him, taking him into the view, creating a more immersive experience. 

These Curved LED displays can be custom made to fit your retail store in any shape and size. There are also versatile display options for you to choose from. 

 B2B2C solutions have got you covered

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In our next blog, we will be exploring more on the digital signage products offered by B2B2C solutions Watch the space.