Ultrasonic sensors make object detection easier in retail

  • March 25, 2021

The applications of ultrasonic sensors range in object detection, calculation of distance, measuring objects, dynamic detection, and perception, among other applications. 

In retail stores, these devices can come in handy to prevent thefts or detection of intruders, while they also can work as sensors for automatic doors. 

In cases of a missing product on your store shelves, the sensors use their ultrasonic transducers which alert the staff that the product is missing. 

The advantage of sonic sensors for retailers is that they are not affected by the color or transparency of the objects. Secondly, they also work in dark-environments, which mean, it can sense and alert missing objects even when the shop is closed and the lights are off. 

On purchase, the sensors come fully calibrated and ready to use, costing just around $30 US dollars. 

In third-world countries such as India or Bangladesh, when there is a lot of dust, the sensors are not affected by them. They are not highly affected by dirt, dust, or high-moisture environments. 

The high frequency, sensitivity, and penetrating power of the sensors make them highly efficient to detect objects that are far-away as well up to 10 meters. 

These sensors can also be used for people detection, countering or profiling people, counting of items such as merchandise, and also has anti-collision detection facilities. 

Their small size makes them easy to be integrated with products. 

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